New release of magik-tools

January 8, 2022    SonarQube static code analysis magik-language-server magik-debug-adapter

After longer than planned there is a new release of magik-tools (formerly known as sonar-magik.) It took longer than expected, but includes more functionality than initially planned.

The new name better describes the intent: Tools for Magik development. Next to the original SonarQube plugin and magik-linter, it now also includes a language server and debug adapter for Smallworld 5/the Magik language. The language server improves magik-development in several ways, using functionality also seen in other languages/development tools.

In the coming time I’ll be creating more articles on this blog to document all the new tools and features of magik-tools. Meanwhile the files for this release are found on GitHub under release magik-tools 0.5.0.

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